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Duct Cleaning & Extraction Systems

Extraction Systems International manufactures industrial air duct cleaning equipment for use in inaccessible areas. Our innovative carpet cleaning equipment and ventilation cleaning equipment are designed to improve the health and air quality of all types of indoor environments. We produce high-quality, durable cleaning equipment, designed to provide many years of productive, reliable service.


Extraction Systems also provides foggers for dispensing sanitation and deodorizing solutions in combination with our top-quality duct cleaning equipment and industrial carpet cleaning equipment. » More

Duct Cleaning Equipment That Works In Areas Where Other Systems Cannot Go  Extraction Systems manufactures a full line of portable duct cleaning equipment designed with maintenance personnel and cleaning contractors in mind. The rotary auger is the most versatile and effective tool available for ventilation duct cleaning.  » More
STAT Industrial Cleaning and Deodorizing carpets and
STAT Deodorizing and Sanitizing Solution — Non-Allergenic, Environmentally Friendly. When an industrial environment needs to be left safer and smelling fresh, use STAT deodorizing and sanitizing solution. Formulated to handle tougher jobs, STAT deodorizing solution is an exclusive product of Extraction Systems International. » More